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Platinum TT

Platinum TT is the evolution of the modern induction brazing, this platform can be set up with 4 dierent stations to: flux, apply brazing paste, cool the parts, mark with galvo laser technology.

This system will for sure adapt to your process and needs. You can use all models of the Platinum series ranging from 2,5KW HF to 25KW MF.
The intuitive control system perfectly fits with Seit Elettronica software philosophy:
“We provide innovative industrial products with a simple and modern user interface.”

These characteristics are pairing and expanding all the new functionalities of “Platinum App” to collect, compare, store and control all the key data from your production as cycle time, temperature and more.


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Loading/unloading station

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Flux application station

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Induction brazing or heating station

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Temperature control

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Solder wire dispensing

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Cooling station

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Laser marking

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Touch-screen user interface

Platinum TT Optional



Double Generator X V
Temperature reader V V
3D inductor V V
Thermal imaging camera V V
Dispensers (flux, paste, pre-formed) V V
Barcode reader V V
Remote Display V V
Laser Marking V V
Air Cooling V V
Washing V V
Tailor Made Parts Holder V V
Chiller V V
Pallet X V
4.0 Compliant V V
Assembly Area V V
Upload/unload area V V
Robot V V
Maximum weight of single part (Kg) 10 20
Maximum volume of single part (Kg) 300X500X100 400X500X200
Equipment dimensions (mm) 1200×1100 3000×3000