optional disposittivo sottopiede basculante spider

Tilting bench

Invented by Seit in 2008 and continuously improved it represents the best solution on the market for the production of insoles. It includes the dedicated software for the creation of designs and for the development of sizes. With a few simple passages you will move from the old-style cutting template card to a digital process easy to adjust and send into production without any further intermediate step. When equipped with the Tilting bench it can rotate with respect to the heel of +/- 20° to guarantee the perpendicularity of the notches.

Full 3D kit

An optimization of the software that allows to reduce production times by up to 35% by improving the axis displacements and increasing the quality of the notches in the insoles processing.

optional kit full-3d
Licenza aggiuntiva SMF Shoes Design optional spider e jumbo

Additional license SMF Shoes Design

An additional license to be installed in your office to increase productivity and allowing multiple operators to develop the designs to be sent directly to the laser machine.

Bar code reader

Create a specific worksheet for each job and print it. Then the operator simply scans it with the reader and the drawing will be automatically loaded on the selected machine, with all its cutting or engraving parameters.

foto optional lettore codice a barre macchine laser