Ultrasound washing machine

The Ultrasound washing machine cleans and degreases plastic materials or acetate in general or small pieces in metal in water and/or cleanser.
The cleaning action in a ultrasound washing machine is due to the vibration and cavitations produced by high frequency sound waves. They are not the ultrasound that clean the object surfaces but the fine cavitations and important molecular vibration.
According to the Company’s Philosophy, only high quality materials are used.
Production is respectful of security norms and the machine is completely made in stainless steel.
For a better control of the process, the machine is equipped with:
– Ultrasound transducers situated on the bottom or on the inside
– Liquid Heating controlled by a thermostat
– Power regulation
– soundproofing and insulation
– tank for rinsing by immersion with spray controlled by pedal
– top to close tanks