Tinning, localized heating and annealing are done without direct contact with the object You are working on. The absolute control over temperature and cycle time grants high repeatability in no time.

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Heating and air-conditioning

Components in brass, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and much more…now You have the possibility to adapt the size of Your inductor to all shapes to optimize the brazing process and improve the efficiency. Our systems are handy and easy to work with no matter if You are working stand alone or in line. You will get speed and precision.

Cutting tools

Localized heat treatment, brazing of diamond cutting elements or special alloy are processes that require knowledge and experience if you want to have outstanding results. Our system will never spoil the precious properties of these delicate materials thanks to a total control of the process.

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Precision Mechanics

Heat treatment of the surface or deep inside your product is made to expand and shrink during assembly process. The results are easy to obtain with a full control over temperature and cycle time.


Details, precision and spotless finishing are available only with the best technologies, our Platinum line is developed to match the requirement of one of the most difficult market in terms of quality standard and challenges.

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Valve and connectors

Small or huge elements are not a problem anymore. You need strength and reliability of your brazing, we adapt our generators to Your needs.

Localized thermal treatment

The heat is delivered when You need it and where You need it. The Platinum line will reach and maintain any temperature from 0 C to 2000 C, no matter if You are heating the surface or the core of your products.

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For one of the most dynamic sector with the highest innovative attitude, we have solutions able to operate manually or automatically but always with simplicity in the user interface and connection with the surrounding network.


Your ideas…our solutions.

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