Acetone Dipping Machine

The Acetone Dipping Machine is a semi-automatic equipment to treat acetate products in acetone vapors.
Respectful of anti-pollution and safety norms and respectful of operator’s health.
All steps of the working cycle are controlled by protection systems to guarantee maximum security respecting safety norms and ATEX certification.

Optional for Acetone Dipping Machine

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Technical data Acetone Dipping Machine


Full load current 12 A
Tank capacity of ACETONE min-max 20-30 Lt
Power supply 3/ PEAC380-400 -/+ 10% 50/60Hz
Tank capacity of DEMINERALIZED WATER min-max 25-30 Lt
Minimum airflow suction 2 m/s
Overall dimension LxPxH 800x1600x2300
Weight 250 kg
Overall electric cabinet dimension LxPxH 600x400x1000