For the embroidery sector, Seit Elettronica offers a line of innovative laser machines for cutting and marking processes.
It offers:
- Laser bridges that can be installed on every type (brand, model, dimension) of embroidery machine
- Single head Laser kit for Tajima single-head embroidery machines
- Multi Laser kit for Tajima multi-head embroidery machines
As regards laser bridges, Seit Elettronica was the first company in the world to study, develop and produce this solution that led to a real revolution in the embroidery sector.
Innovation lies not only in cutting speed, but also in its accuracy, which enables to reach excellent results and effects that cannot be obtained with traditional systems.
Since 2001 (in that year the first machine was presented at Samab), Seit Elettronica has been designing, developing and producing laser bridge system inside the company. Until 2004, these machines were sold by another company. Since 1st January 2005, Seit Elettronica has managed both directly and through a world distribution network the activities of selling, installing and servicing its laser machines. In order to follow distribution activities in Asia, Seit Elettronica opened up in 2004 a branch in Hong Kong and one in China.
SL4 and SL5 Laser Bridges can be installed on every model of single- or multi-head embroidery machines and on machines with Schiffly system (SLGT Laser Bridge). A wide range of CO2 sources is offered, from 60 up to 150 Watt pulsed.