spider jumbo front 800x600

Spider Jumbo

Laser power up to 800watt and a large working area of 1500x1000mm are the main characteristics of the Spider-Jumbo, suitable for industrial production of engraving, ablation and cutting. The displacement of the working bench, done through 4 controlled axes, is combined with the 3-axis scan head to get results otherwise unreachable.

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Technical data Spider Jumbo

Laser tube CO2 sealed
Galvo motors max speed 12.000mm/sec
Available power 100W/100W Pulsed/250W Pulsed/400W
Available working areas 600x600mm / 500x500mm/ 360x360mm / 180x180mm
Cooling By water on scan head, laser and power supply
Available working areas 1500x1000mm
Max height of workable object 375mm on area 600x600mm
475mm on area 500x500mm
600mm on area 360x360mm
775mm on area 180x180mm
Max consumption 5,5kW/h for 100W (220V)
7,5kW/h for 250W (380V)
14,5kW/h for 400W (3800V)