Cross laser targeter

Useful for the identification of the central point of the working area, it finds its optimal application on top of the testing table and allows to precisely position the pieces to be cut and engraved.

Tubular frames support

Essential for tubular embroidery machines, it gives a perfectly flat and perpendicular surface to be lasered, independently from the weight of the garment being processed.

optional ponte laser kit cappellino

Laser caps device

The only solution in the market that allows cutting applications directly on closed caps using a 140° surface. Available only for Tajima machines


It is a winder-unwinder of fabrics that, installed under the laser bridge, allows the marking or cutting directly on roll in continuous, guaranteeing a perfect conjunction over the entire width and length of the fabric. The maximum width of the workable fabric is 180cm



It serves as an independent working table that interfaces with laser bridge to create cutting and marking on an area of 180x100cm. The controlled Y movement ensures perfect conjunctions along the entire surface.

Bar code reader

Create a specific worksheet for each job and print it. Then the operator simply scans it with the reader and the drawing will be automatically loaded on the selected machine, with all its cutting or engraving parameters.

foto optional lettore codice a barre macchine laser