PLATINUM MF15  macchina9

Pre-setting for a second heating head

Set up your machine based on your future needs. While necessary, you will just have to add an additional heating head to your generator in order to increase productivity or to do any other work.

3 axis x-y-z micrometric head support

A micrometric support with the possibility to set it up on the 3 axis manually to reach even better precision during the work. You can use it in different workstations, it is the essential and suggested accessory for any application. It offers fine adjustment for an accurate positioning in X-Y-Z.


Pneumatic Micrometric head support

Standard Micrometric Head Support with Pneumatic vertical movement.
Stroke distance available:
– 50 mm
– 75 mm
– 100 mm
– (other stroke distances available on customer request)

Infrared Temperature Reader

The Pyrometer controls the temperature in real time and modulates the power provided by the generator. For Platinum Series of generators, the slot of the Temperature reader is already included in the generator. For previous models, is available the standard version with external control box. Very useful for complex heating processes, it is also used for basic applications where it is better to control maximum temperature to avoid damages or alterations of the characteristics of the materials. Three different versions are available with different temperature reading ranges.


Remote display

To have access to parameters of the generator and information about the working process in real time and even when the operator is far from the machine. Very useful when the generator is integrated in production lines or when is necessary a certain distance between generator and operator. Complete with connecting cable, up to 25 meters.


SLOT – input control 0 – 10V

SLOT – serial interface board RS 232

SLOT – serial interface board RS 485

SLOT – Field bus management – profibus, etherCAT, Ethernet, other upon request
Useful when the generator is integrated in automatic production lines.

slot optional induzione

Personalized induction coil

Our experience allows us to advise customers and manufacture any kind of induction coil, even complex shapes, to answer to your production needs. We provide you also with best settings based on the induction coil shape to braze in reduced time and obtain high quality results.

Barcode reader

Create a working sheet for any specific work and print it. The operator will just have to read the Barcode or Qr code on it and automatically the generator will load the corresponding program with its specific settings.

foto optional lettore codice a barre macchine induzione

Zero gravity

With this useful accessory, you will be able to move easily the heating head to reach difficult points or to do some works on bigger pieces. Zero G is a carriage that has a traction and release system. It’s easy to use and avoids physical efforts of operators. It helps them to be agile and operate quickly in production, with no change about security and quality.