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Bar code reader

Create a specific worksheet for each job and print it. Then the operator simply scans it with the reader and the drawing will be automatically loaded on the selected machine, with all its cutting or engraving parameters.


It is a laser beam that shows the profile of the loaded design. Particularly useful to check the centering of the objects to be executed.


Pneumatic sliding table

Allows the loading / unloading of objects in masked time. The simplest solution to double your production

PC and monitor stand

A useful, elegant and compact station to place the PC and the monitor close to the laser machine.

optional performa Porta PC
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Frames support kit

Essential for working on finished garments and with frames in general. It keeps the frame hanged perfectly perpendicular and it is available for all models of embroidery machine.

Turning spindle

Automatically controlled by software, it is able to rotate 360° any cylindrical or conical object allowing to laser over the entire surface of the object. Laser and rotation are interpolated to ensure the best result.

optional performa mandrino rotante
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T-slot bench

Place precisely any object on working surface thanks to guides and adjustable reference points. Repetitiveness guaranteed.