041 evolution 800x600seit


Configurable with either a roll to roll solution for engravings and cuts on rolls or with motorized or fixed benches up to a size of 1800×1000 mm. Ideal to get the maximum flexibility, this system can be adapted to the different evolutions that customers require.

Optional for Evolution



Laser tube CO2 sealed
Galvo motors max speed 12.000mm/sec
Available power 60W/80W/100W/100W Pulsed/150W Pulsed/250W Pulsed
Available working areas 500x500mm / 360x360mm / 180x180mm
Cooling By water on scan head, laser and power supply
Trolley moving speed Up to 2.500mm/sec
X axis positioning precision 0,01mm
Testing table dimension 700x600mm
Required voltage 380V + N + P.E.