seit9 800x600

Core Shooting

The core shooting is probably one of the most delicate processes in the eye-wear production. Innovations on this machine assist operators thanks to new electronics, easy but incredibly efficient, that helps reduction of set up and mould change time up to 50%.

Optional for Core shooting

Technical data of Core shooting


Three phase power source 220-380V, 50-60Hz
Absorbed power 3,2 KVA
Used power 1,5 KW
Double pressure cylinder 2.950 Kg of power
Air entry pressure 6-8 bar
Cooling system forced water circulation
Dimensions with safety barriers closed H x L x D (mm): 2030 x 1400 x1250
Weight(Kg) 600
Dimensions with safety barriers open H x L x D (mm): 2030 x 1660 x 1860